Writing an Abstract of a Research Paper: Sample

Writing a scientific abstract means that you are summarizing your paper. It gives the reader an idea of what to expect in your paper. It could be one of the shortest chapters in your paper yet most important.

The abstract appears at the beginning of your research paper. It gives more details than the introduction because it will brush through your introduction, body, and conclusion. Based on the topic and size of the paper, the abstract will be one to three paragraphs long.

To understand how to write an abstract, it may help to review its importance in the process of writing.

  • The project abstract gives the reader the gist of your paper. With the skeletal information provided in a few paragraphs or sentences, the reader can decide whether to read the entire paper or not.
  • The abstract will prepare the reader with the information or points to follow in a paper. The reader knows what to expect and can, therefore, pay closer attention to particular ideas. It acts as an appetizer that gives a hint of what to expect in your paper.
  • Once the reader is done with the paper, he can revisit the abstract for a summary. It helps him to remember the ideas discussed.

Having looked at the purpose of abstract in research paper, it is time to review the information captured in this section. An abstract should include the following sections, even if they are mashed into one.

  • Introduction – this is the first section of your abstract. A scholar abstract must open the discussion with a brief and attractive sentence. It is this intro that will entice the reader to read the entire abstract. Use attractive words that can make readers eager to dig into your paper.
  • Significance of the research – why did you decide to take the research? What questions do you want to answer or information gaps that you would like to fill? Such information helps the reader to assess the similarity between your intentions. If you have similar goals, it will be easier to convince the reader to finish your paper.
  • Methodology – the methodology is one of the most important research aspects. All examples of abstract in research paper include the methods used to arrive at particular conclusions. It is one of the vetting aspects. A scholar can tell whether your conclusions are legitimate by looking at the research methods.
  • Results – what did your research reveal? The abstract of a research paper must reveal the results of your research. These results come from the methodology you have indicated. It is a brief assessment of your fidelity to the basics of academic research.
  • Conclusion – as you will see from the research abstract sample, the conclusion crowns it all. It helps the reader to compare the thesis statement with the research findings and methodology used.

Here is the best paper abstract example you can use when writing your paper:

The deadliest phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is over. While it is not yet time to evaluate the effects, one can already see the path the education sector has taken. Is there a possibility of departing from this path once the pandemic is gone and forgotten?

To understand, we sort the opinions of education experts in different countries. Through questionnaires and interviews, we evaluated their understanding of the adoption of technology into the education sector. Some point at lost socialization during learning while others think that learning at home will produce more liberal minds.

Interviews gave a detailed understanding of their opinion on the future of education. The suggestions and opinions were evaluated alongside the prevailing reality. Students in different grades also gave their input on the subject. Many are yet to be comfortable with the blended learning system.

It is interesting to get the opinions of physical learning diehards and the conflicting positions of education futurists. The results point to a divide in the sector. While some experts think that the sector should resume physical learning, others favor a shift to online learning. Blended mode of study has also received significant backing.

From the sample of abstract, you can see the results of the study captured in the least words possible. The sample also indicates that the research was conducted using questionnaires and interviews. You can see the results indicating favor for a blended system instead of strict physical or online learning. From the abstract idea examples the reader can almost conclude the position the research has taken on the issue.