45 Interesting History Topics for Research Papers

The strength of a history research paper is in its topic. The topic captures the attention of a reader, arousing the curiosity to dig into the paper up to the end. By reviewing the best history research paper topic ideas, you can determine whether to read the paper or skip it.

The topic also affects your entire writing experience. It will determine whether you will love and enjoy drafting the paper or it will be a source of stress. Top topics for history research papers come from a subject you are passionate about. Out of passion, you can sit through the paper for hours and never feel the fatigue. Such history topics for research papers that are driven by passion result in very insightful academic papers.

How to pick a research paper topic

Good history research paper topics are not simple phrases picked from the blues. They are thoughtful statements with strong research subjects. Picking a winning topic requires you to consider the following, among other issues.

  • Passion – how much do you love the subject you are writing about? Passion is the foundation for the most captivating history research paper topics for college students. Since you love the subject, you will produce insightful thoughts. It is also a rewarding approach to academic writing since you take the chance to contribute to an area you love.
  • Relevance – is the topic answering an existing question? Is it solving one of the prevailing industry problems? Choose a topic that historians will relate to and, therefore, want to read your paper.
  • Freshness – study a new idea. Old and ideas are boring, especially because they do not add any value to scholarship. Choose a new topic that challenges the existing industry knowledge.
  • Specific subject – use the topic to create boundaries for your research. For instance, you cannot write everything about the history of technology. Choose a particular time or sector that is affected by history.
  • Originality and uniqueness – avoid the subjects that people have been studying for years. The most interesting history research topics for college students promise fresh details. They are not obvious, resulting in the most unique and original paper.

Here is a list of fresh history research paper topics and ideas

  1. Ancient Egypt and its use of symbolism
  2. The power of empires and their downfall
  3. Pre-historic Britain and the role of women
  4. Sumerian traditions and culture
  5. Civilizations in the Near East
  6. Prophets and the religions they founded
  7. Water as a determinant of settlements
  8. The history of Palestine
  9. Immortality and the idea of death in Ancient Egypt
  10. Nato and the modern world of warfare
  11. Great Depression
  12. Pandemics and political effects
  13. Chernobyl explosion and how it shaped nuclear technology
  14. Syrian conflicts and their possible solutions
  15. Reasons behind social inequality
  16. Patriotic act Modern world and cultural changes
  17. Rebuilding the United States after the cold war
  18. The assignation of Abraham Lincoln and how it shaped the politics of the world
  19. 1877 history
  20. The Alabama Claims and the lies behind the stories
  21. The legacy of Civil Wars
  22. The war on terrorism and its impact on international diplomacy
  23. The facts of the Civil War
  24. History of Native Americans
  25. Religion and political conquest
  26. Mexican-American War
  27. The Thirty Years War and its causes
  28. Crusades and the spread of religion
  29. Impact of Apartheid on colonization perceptions
  30. Ancient Rome and bridal ceremonies
  31. The aftershocks of the Cold War
  32. War in the sea- the battle for warships
  33. Wars and military innovations
  34. Resources and the cause for wars
  35. Women participation in global wars
  36. Literary in the 19th century
  37. Attu Battle
  38. Business development during wars
  39. The Abolitionist Movement
  40. Struggle for the rights of black people
  41. Martin Luther King
  42. Slavery in the US
  43. Wars and ethics
  44. Biological warfare
  45. Personalities in wars

History offers a wide range of subjects to study. Choose a subject that is relevant to your area of study. It makes your paper more interesting to read. It will also earn you the best grades.