3 Good Research Outline Templates for Your Paper

A college research paper outline helps you to organize your ideas. It works like a dashboard from where you can see all the points you would like to discuss and their supporting subtopics. Using an outline helps you to produce the most organized paper https://mypaperdone.com/write-my-term-paper.

Each paper comes with a unique outline based on the topic. The outline will follow the structure presumed by the topic. For instance, a topic on compare and contract will result in an outline that captures the comparison as well as contrast sections.

How can you use the outline to improve the quality of your paper?

The basic outline for a research paper is considered an organizational tool. It helps you to organize your ideas and paper in the following ways.

  • An outline facilitates brainstorming – this is a process where you write down all your ideas to help with sorting. You brainstorm as you research the topic and review literature on the subject. Write down the ideas without considering the order they will appear in your paper.
  • Strategically placing your points on a paper – a complete sample project outline captures the points you wish to discuss and the order in which these ideas will appear in your paper. The outline is just a skeleton of the ideas you will fill in your paper. It helps you to choose the best ideas to open a discussion and those that can be used to close the discussion to make a resounding statement. Such organization ensures that each section of your paper makes maximum impact.
  • Avoid repetition or missing points – without writing the points down, some are likely to be forgotten. Using the outline, you can strike out the points you have already included in your paper. The same applies for missing points. As you mark each of the points discussed in your paper, there is no possibility of repeating. Get professionally prepared outline examples for a research paper to make your academic writing easier.
  • Evaluate the strength of the ideas you will use in your writing – outlines indicate the point you will discuss under each idea. These points are indicated alongside their citation sources. You can determine whether you have strong enough ideas to support a point before you even begin discussing it. If the points are enough, you proceed to write your paper. Where the points are inadequate, you dismiss a point or return to literature review to hunt for more materials. It results in the most compelling discussion.

It is not every research outline template that will help you to write a captivating paper. The template must be prepared with the instructions in mind. Online writing services provide customized research outline templates on demand. Such templates capture the exact instructions you are supposed to execute in your research paper.

If a template can be misleading, where should you get the best outline template to assist you during writing? Here are a few tips.

  • From your tutor – tutors are your best source of help whenever you have a research paper to write. They have the best resources and are sincerely concerned with your performance. Since they do not have commercial interests, they will provide the best templates. They will accompany the template with an explanation of what you are expected to do.
  • The library – the library is designed to provide all the reference materials students need for their academic papers. The mandate makes it the most reliable source of an outline for a research paper template. All these materials are vetted before placing on the shelves. It guarantees the best assistance.
  • Online databases – check online databases run by reputable research organizations or academic institutions. The online databases allow you to access the templates anytime you want compared to waiting for the library to open.
  • Writing services – online writing services will prepare a customized outline based on your topic. You can also download a basic research paper outline from the website and customize it for your topic.

Here are three simplified research paper outlines:

Sample 1

Effects of Covid-19 pandemic Climate Change


Quote by UNEP Secretary General during the 2021 General Assembly

Thesis statement- How Covid-19 containment measures and movement restrictions reduced carbon emissions.

  • Shutting down of factories- cleaner environment (UNEP report for 2020)
  • Allowing nature to regenerate- when people stopped going out(Research by Stanford University)
  • Cleaner rivers – indicating possibility of a better environment (Commitment for 2021 and beyond)

Conclusion – The need to sustain the gains made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sample 2

When health becomes a business: Vaccine Production Case Study

Introduction- Statistics on unavailability in some countries

Thesis statement- how private manufacturers focus more on profit than treatment

  • Patent owned by private developers
  • Failure to sell to poor countries
  • Refusal to take responsibility

Conclusion – highlight the need for government to own vaccines

Sample 3

Why homework is bad for the mental health of students

Intro- the story of geniuses who never completed school

Thesis statement- why homework hinders creativity by bogging down the student with assignments

  • Denying students time to play
  • Anxiety over fear to fail
  • Inequality due to lack of resources

Conclusion – advocate for rethinking of homework.