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What if footwear had no rules? 

My story begins, once upon a beach...

I love exploring. I love the outdoors. 
I live for adventure everyday. 
So moving into my new place on the lake was like unicorns and rainbows with fun in the sun. 

Unfortunately, I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to being barefoot. My feet weren't even tough enough to walk down our sharp gravel driveway and across the street to the lake. I wanted to be barefoot but I needed some kind of transitional footwear to "take the edge off" without using drugs

The story began that summer, midway through my college career, done with my dorm days, knee-deep in a new eBay business, and quite close to a girl close to me. All summer I'd be on the shore. I'd jump in the rowboat with my dog (I think he likes the water more than I do), or maybe just go fishing. I'd have people over for a bonfire. I'd watch the sunset. And I'd be barefoot

But I hated my cheap flip-flops and didn't really get the whole $100-dollar foot-glove vibe. I don't even spend that much on nice gore-tex shoes. 

So I decided to make a pair. 

I wanted a simple sandal that felt barefoot. I wanted something I could take anywhere. I wanted something to toughen up my feet so I could enjoy all the benefits of real barefoot-ness. 

My first material choice was Tyvek -- the same material FedEx envelopes are made of. As an eBay PowerSeller I had tons of 'em lying around from buying and selling everything from Sea-Doo parts to Snakes on a Plane movie paraphernalia  and I hated seeing so many go to waste after they served their shipping purpose.  

Long story short, I made some flip-flops out of recycled Tyvek.

They were terrible. 

I scrapped the idea until the following summer when, after doing a roofing project using a huge sheet of sturdy billboard vinyl as a tarp, I came up with the idea to use billboards to make the shoes. It was either that or make a giant slip-n-slide. I might still do that anyway. 

Billboard vinyl is triple layer fiber-reinforced PVC material - the same stuff you see driving down the road on the big signs. The sheets are 14x48 feet, weigh about 80 pounds, and just get stored in a warehouse or thrown away when the ad is done. When the storage is full, they find their final resting place in a landfill. Every year, the amount trashed is enough to cover the entire state of Massachusetts

Durable, waterproof, & washable, billboard vinyl was the perfect solution for this footwear problem. 

Fast forward six months and meet our patent-pending prototype, "paper-feet."

I created a company to make & sell products like paper-feet - sandals made with ethical local labor right here in Michigan that prevent waste from going to landfills and feel really good on your feet. 

paper-feet are better-than-barefoot pocktable footwear that go anywhere you go even when you're not wearing them

Try a pair today so you can save the world, and save your sole. 

Cheers, Jimmy

I'm not affiliated with any of the sites I linked to. I hope you had fun if you actually clicked them. 

I'll give the first person to send me a photo of them taken next to this sign a special surprise. 
Be sure to include your name, or the name you think the street should actually be called. 

If you purchased a pair of paper-feet

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